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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contained in the Directory?

The directory consists of a majority of the employee and student electronic mail addresses on the Jaguar1 and GroupWise mail servers maintained by the University of South Alabama Computer Services Center. These two systems contain a majority of the USA employee and student email boxes.


I'm not looking for a specific person...but I need an email contact at USA.

Look at for help in finding the appropriate office or other point of contact.


Who maintains this directory?

The Academic Computing group of the Computer Services Center. If you find an error in your listing or have any questions not answered by this FAQ, you may contact us at (251) 460-6161 or by e-mail to


Help, I can't find the person I am looking for.

Here are some tips, if you are having trouble finding the person you are looking for but know that they should be in this directory.
  • Make sure you are putting the right name in the right field
  • Try searching using just the last name, or the first few letters of it
  • Check and double check your spelling.


Can you help me find an address not listed here?

If you are looking for an employee (or to determine whether an employee has e-mail) we recommend contacting the faculty member directly. If you do not have the individual's phone number, try the University switchboard at (251) 460-6101.

All student email addresses that are available are listed in this directory. If you cannot find an email that you know exists then it is not available to the public.


How can I get my address included here?

Accounts on the Jaguar1 and GroupWise systems are automatically added to this directory. If you believe your account should be listed and it is not, please contact Academic Computing.


How can I change the way my name appears in the directory?

Employee names are pulled directly from the payroll master file and we do not have a method for individuals to edit individual listings. If you find an error in your listing, please contact Academic Computing.


How can I remove my email from this list?

Employees cannot remove their address from this list. Students can remove their email from this list by opting out using this form or filling out the FERPA forms at the registrar's office.


What is FERPA?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act of 1974. This is a US Federal law that governs the privacy of student education records. USA's FERPA policy is published every year in The Lowdown, the USA Student Handbook. According to the University's FERPA policy a student has the right to request that the University not release public information. To request non-disclosure of directory information, students must complete a "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information" form in the Registrar's Office. This request is valid until the student notifies the Registrar through a written request to remove the non-disclosure flag.

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